We like to make sure our customers know that Donna Donna is a fashion label that creates pieces to pair with other Donna Donna pieces. We are all about mixing and matching! We have fun with colours and styles, textures and lengths so that you are always feeling fresh and excited to put together your outfit for the day. Take a look at some of our picks for winter.

Layering is always a great way to wear Donna Donna. The colours are all meant to be worn together and the styles compliment each other perfectly. If you have a more fitted pant like the 'Classic Pant' above you can mix it with a looser fitted top or jacket like the 'Clara Dress' or the 'Cardoso Jacket'. We love white and all different shades of blue for the above look. We also love to mix different hues of blue like with the 'Heidi Zip Pant' in Blue Fiore. It's really fun to mix and match with Donna Donna fashion because it means you get so many different outfits an options for styling within the one garment and of course quality is top priority so these pieces will give you maximum wear. Fashion fades and style is what's eternal. Focus on the cuts you love, what makes you feel and look your best even if it isn't trendy. Your personal style is an extension of your personality so let it shine! At Donna Donna we love to work within what suits our body type, what colours suit our skin tones and hair colour and what we know makes us feel good. We look forward to seeing you in store or helping you with your online purchasing. If you hover over any of the garment names above you will see you can click over to the pieces directly from this blog. Enjoy! Love the DD Girls xx
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