It's all about the colours! We are loving this new take on colour blocking this season. With a soft colour palette draping yourself in linens of the same colour is one of our most popular looks. Here Courtney wears our stunning 100% linen skirt and top. These peachy tones are so flattering and easy to wear. This stunning lightweight top is perfect for these spring days. This 100% linen top is called 'The Tuscan Top' and it comes in a variety of colours. Paired with our very popular 'Geona Skirt' and the comfortable 'Frankie V Neck' undergarment. Accessorise with a pair of ankle boots or sandals to complete the look. The process of colour blocking is as straightforward as it sounds; adding blocks of solid colours to one ensemble. One piece of clothing in an outfit can have a bold, geometric print resembling a colour blocked pattern, or an entire look can be colour-blocked with pieces in the outfit being in different colours, all solid. In addition to being on trend, colour-blocking can have many body slimming benefits, especially when the colours are paired with black and the darker blocks are positioned in places that can optically make the body look slimmer. The look below is an example of colour blocking using darker tones. Shop this look by clicking on the names of the pieces. 'Black Frill Top' and the very easy to wear 'Collotte Pant'. Colour blocking gives that fashionista vibe, without looking snobby and unapproachable. Also, it has body slimming effects when brights are combined with dark colours and darks are strategically placed in parts where they flatter the body, whereas other trends and styles don’t provide such a benefit.Relaxed Wide Leg Collottes. Beautiful soft 100% linen. Full length pants. Colours can be used in so many different ways. At Donna Donna we have so many options for colour blocking as we design our pieces to match with the entire range so once you start to add Donna Donna pieces to your collection you'll find adding and growing your range will be easy. There's a sense of ease and luxury that comes with the Donna Donna style. Below Donna wears the 'Grosetto Top' with the 'Isla Pant' paired with the stunning Donna Donna accessories and some comfortable sneakers Donna pulls this look together as casual chic.
August 31, 2020 — Shopify API