Welcome to Spring! This week we are going to start creating your capsule wardrobe..... So what is a capsule wardrobe? The website 'Business of fashion' defines the term below: The idea was to create a capsule wardrobe that features only the most essential or influential pieces from a collection. A capsule collection is essentially a condensed version of a designer’s vision, often limited edition, which transcends seasons and trends by being functional. Let's get started in five easy steps to create your capsule wardrobe. Step One: It's all about classic, quality and simple elegance. Start with a simple linen T-shirt. The great thing about linen is you can dress it up or down. It's very easy to wash and can take you through from day to night. Make sure you choose a colour that is practical and can be worn with say a colourful jacket, or with a pair of jeans. We've chosen the Basic Linen Tee. SHOP LINEN TEE HERE Step Two: Pair the Basic Tee with some comfortable linen pants. It's important to think about what colours you are buying. You want to be able to mix and match your Donna Donna pieces so it's best to choose these staple pieces in more neutral tones so you can add pops of colour and then mix and match these with the brighter pieces once you have started to build your starting wardrobe. For this edit we have gone with 'The Classic Pant' - SHOP CLASSIC PANT HERE Step Three: Lighter jackets, scarves and comfortable sweaters. Spring weather is usually warm throughout the day then cool into the evening so it's best to really build on your wardrobe by adding in some light yet comforting warmer jackets or sweaters to complete your staple wardrobe. We have chosen the 'Linen Jacket' in Fango. SHOP LINEN JACKET HERE Step Four: Mix and Match! Now that you have your staple wardrobe you can start to add in some colour. Using your basic linen pieces you can swap out say the neutral pants for a brighter option that will still work well with your neutral toned top. Or swap out the top for a pop of colour like below. Perhaps add a head scarf or a piece of jewellery. Here we've added in a THE HEIDI PANT SHOP HERE Step Five: Build on your wardrobe by adding in dressy tops and pants that will still match with your basic neutral tones. Include elegant silk tops that can be paired with the neutral pant or skirt. Or start to add in colour blocking (see previous post). This is where you'll add in your flare and love of fashion! Your style is starting to build here. See the below looks. We love the different combinations and the way Donna creates her range knowing you can build, colour block, dress-up and dress-down your basic pieces.
September 08, 2020 — Shopify API