Let's not deny that this year has been a little mad. It's been a rollercoaster ride of emotion, big expansion (hello Westfields Kotara!) then big disappointment when no one was allowed to go into the stores. We always like to look on the bright side of life at Donna Donna so while everything came to a halt the core staff at Donna Donna were full steam ahead. We re-merchandised our stores, we we did a HUGE stock take we put new systems in place so when everything went back to busy we were ready!! We also focused on a re-branding for Donna Donna. As you know the colour light blue is synonymous with Donna Donna branding. We still LOVE the light blue but we have been in business now about a decade and felt it was time to mix things up a little bit. Here we have put together a new Donna Donna mood board. A new inspiration for a fresh start. The new look and feel represents a light and relaxed feel. We have chosen the pale pink as our main colour with the Donna Donna original blues popping through to break the palette up. We have also added pops of green and more earthy toned colours to bring it all together. The light blue and pinks are representative of the Amalfi Coast houses that are stacked on the hills, the umbrellas scattered across the beaches and the beautiful sunsets.....oh and that sparkling glass of Rose on a summers evening. We hope you enjoy the new branding as much as we do! Thank you always for all your support. Cheers! love the girls at Donna Donna xx.