Donna Donna understands that every body shape is a beautiful body shape! It's all about being vibrant, staying healthy and dressing so that you can represent the true YOU.

We have put together 5 tips on dressing for plus size, follow these guides and you'll be feeling great and looking even better before you know it.

1. Smooth the Lines.

According to plus size stylist for the stars, Susan Moses, every body needs some good shape-wear. 'Everybody should have a shape-wear arsenal'. This is going to smooth, cinch and support your body. We all need support sometimes. CLICK HERE to take a look at some shape-wear by Spanx.

2. Know Your Fabrics.

Stay Away from Polyester. Fabrics that do not breath, feel synthetic and give you an electric shock wherever you go is never going to work. Sticking to natural fibres such as linen clothing will help give you a beautiful silhouette and you will look more confident in this kind of material. Linen is a very structured fabric that will skim over your lumps and bumps rather than hugging them – we’re onto a winner here!
Take a look at our PLUS SIZE RANGE HERE
We have added in some of our fave Italian linen plus size styles below.
100% Italian linen dress Shop the 'Piazza Dress' HERE Shop 'Gonzala Top' HERE Shop the 'Penny Pant' HERE

3. Know Your Body Silhouette.

There are no set rules when it comes to fashion and style, but the science behind why certain shaped clothes flatter different body silhouettes is great to refer to when in doubt. We found a great resource to understand your body shaper HERE. This is a comprehensive guide on 'How to Tell what Body Shape you are.'

4. Shop through any weight changes.

Often we think 'When I lose the extra 5kgs I'll be able to fit into these pants'. The only thing is this takes time and in the meantime you don't want to be feeling bad about yourself. Feeling good is paramount to losing those Kgs so it's wise to invest in essential pieces of clothing through out the journey. It's really important to wear clothes that fit and will have you looking your best at every size.
We love this dress for it's flexibility. You can lose weight or gain weight in this one and it will always look beautiful. Shop for versatile pieces for those 'in-between' stages.
Shop this look HERE. Remember in the winter months to layer this piece with our Long Sleeve undergarment which you can take a look at HERE

5. Lastly, Accept Your Body Shape!

It's really important to accept your body shape. Sure there's nothing wrong with wanting to lose a few kilos or be healthy but you have to accept who you are in order to make the best dressing decisions. Once you have accepted your shape you can start to shop for YOU not the 'perfect girl' in the magazines (that basically don't really exist). Once you stop denying your beautiful body you will find the world of fashionable options opens up. Take a look at our different shaped models below. Each different in shape and age but each stunning! They represent their body type and can do so because they have accepted their shape.
And of course the lady that knows this best. The always well dressed, always funky and cool Donna! The creator of Donna Donna. Enjoy yourselves girls! That is what life is all about. Happy Shopping SHOP PLUS SIZE HERE
May 30, 2021 — Penelope Morgan