We love a long lunch with the ladies. It's always fun getting dressed up and heading out for some delicious food and drinks with friends.

Over the last few months with all the holidays we've been thinking about different ways to style, dress and enjoy those long lunches.

We started off with styling and dressing the table and then we matched our fave Donna Donna 100% linen or 100% silk clothing with the mood of the lunch! There is nothing worse than going to a long lunch and trying to enjoy your food and drinks with friends when your clothes are too tight or hot and sticky. We want breathable, easy to wear, comfortable yet glamorous styles that compliment the mood of the day and also allow you to have a big meal, move or sit still for hours!

The lovely colour lilac features here. Lilac/light pink is a great colour for summer and Donna Donna has so many beautiful pieces that you can match up with your ladies lunch lilac spread!

Here Nic wears the Monaco Dress in Lilac. BUY NOW H

Tina wears the beautiful Bruno Dress in Pink Floral BUY NOW

Next Up ......

Have you ever created the Orange Aesthetic? According to colour psychologists orange brings a high degree of positivism, always rejuvenating us in the most difficult moments. The great and invigorating benefits of the orange colour should be used every day, even if it is just a small object, like a mug or a pen, which we use in our daily tasks.

It is a colour that will always help us look on the bright side of things, even though reality is often not too bright. For instance, it can bring us encouragement and motivation in our tough financial periods, giving us the power to keep going until we manage to find solutions and improvements.

100% linen quality clothing Australia Donna Donna SHOP ROMA TOP NOW

Love the Bruno Dress in Orange. Shop this look HERE BRUNO DRESS SALMON

Another bright and beautiful colour we are enjoying right now is Azure Blue.


Donna Donna Linen Clothing Australia


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We hope you find some styling inspiration on this page for your next long lunch! If you do, don't forget to tag us on social media or send us your pics!

January 27, 2021 — Testq Test