It's easy to grit your teeth and bare the winter months in Australia. You are more inclined to stay at home and it's easy to get a little too comfy in your winter woollies, and look, let's face it sometimes snuggling up in a cosy old jumper that is pilling and 20 years old is just the thing BUT let's not make it 'the thing' every winter. It's time to check out Donna Donna's favourite cosy winter looks that are going to be easy to throw on to run your errands, easy to wear out to a coffee date and just as easy to get all snuggle town at home.

1. Totem Top with the Aria Pant

Mix and match your natural fibres like linen with the two-piece Totem floral knit top. This will give you a relaxed casual silhouette with just enough structure to give at 'well put together' look and to flatter your body type . The linen pants are very comfortable and easy to wear and will compliment the two-piece set that has a lightweight wool layer and a very soft and stretchy under-layer. SHOP THE LOOK HERE

2. The Flauci Set

A two piece matching set is all the rage these days. That's why we created the 'Flauci Set'! We love this set because it has details like the large cowl neckline, a print that is subtle enough to create a point of difference but also to be versatile enough to match with other pieces in your wardrobe. SHOP THE LOOK HERE

3. The 'Rage Top'

For something super funky we designed the 'Rage Top'. This top is so funky and we love it paired with our ripped knee jean and let me tell you, this may look a little less' cosy and snuggle up on the lounge' and more let's go out for the day, but you'd be wrong to think that you couldn't get all cosy on the couch with this one. The jeans are incredibly soft and the jumper is relaxed fit style so comfortability is high on the agenda. Why not get that funky feel going on for your weekend? SHOP THE LOOK HERE
June 21, 2021 — Penelope Morgan