Over the last year there has been a lull in the usual need to get dressed up. With COVID, with bushfires and with just the general stress of 2020..... and is it just us or is the world spinning faster and faster? Time seems to be disappearing quicker than ever before. Thankfully the summer is looking hopeful and we have seen a peak in customers buying our stunning silks. This season we wanted to share with you our very special dress 'The Maree Dress'. This dress is like no other and we think it's the perfect 'Mother of the Bride' dress. The Maree Dress is a showstopper, yet subtle enough to feel comfortable and like 'yourself'. Shop the Maree Dress When you are wearing the Maree Dress you feel as though you are floating through the evening. With a very soft cotton elastic lining, the dress will mould to your shape. Then the silk sits comfortable on top of this elasticated under-lining giving you freedom to move, to dance and to eat! The Maree Dress truly is a one of a kind design and we would challenge you to find a more beautiful more comfortable and easy to wear dress for the more formal occasion. Enjoy this dress today. Order online and this beauty will arrive at your doorstop all wrapped up ready for you.
October 29, 2020 — Shopify API