I have had a love for clothing from a very young age.

I started going along with my mother to fashion parties in people\'s houses, I was mum\'s little helper and was hooked. My weekends were spent with Aunty Dorry learning how to sew. I soon brought my own sewing machine with the money I made from mum\'s party plan.

When I was asked what I wanted to be when I was older my reply was always a fashion designer, landscaper or a builder. I loved the idea of creating beautiful things and didn\'t think I would be taken seriously as a builder at that time, so when I was 17 I opened my first fashion store in The Hunter Valley which was closely followed by the opening of two children\'s wear stores. I was always full of dreams for the future.

In 2009 I found myself divorced with 4 children and made the best decision of my life, \"To do what I always wanted to do!\"

This decision saw me launch the fashion label BLING CREATIONS and the opening of my bricks and mortar stores. My passion for this work took me to Bali twice a year to put together fabulous ranges. Over the next 5 years I travelled to many different countries to chase my dream of manufacturing, but in 2016 I fell in love with Italy and knew this was where I needed to be falling in love with their way of life, culture and of course their clothing. This lead me to launch my DONNA DONNA label comprising of mostly silks, linens and cottons.

Donna Donna is for you. Classic Italian style, made with you in mind. Made with love.

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